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A web page consists of the amount of text and graphics that normally would fit on an 8 x 11 piece of paper. The customer is responsible for providing us with the text and images to be used on the Web pages (we can scan your photographs, logos or other images). Our responsibility is to develop a custom, fully functional, professionally designed Web site to your specifications from the materials you provide. We will convert your text to standard HTML, which we will pretest for functionality in the most commonly used Web browsers. We will edit your digital photographs and other graphics for optimal use on the Internet, including creating image maps from them. We will create as many hyperlinks as you desire on your Web site. We will convert your digital audio files into RealAudio format for $40 per file. For $50/hour we will create special graphics for you, including custom logos, banners, icons, buttons, and animated images.

Terms and conditions:

Our mission is to create customized Web pages to satisfy your budget and taste. An initial consultation is provided free of charge. Each page we design for you needs to be paid for in advance in U.S. dollars. If you should decide to pay for one page at a time, we request that you have us design the home page and site layout first.

Our work is not finished until you are satisfied. We offer you the opportunity during the design process to provide us with your feedback.

We reserve the right to eliminate any content that we deem objectionable. Only those graphics, audio, and other files for which you hold the copyright or have legal permission to use will be acceptable for use on your site.

Web Hosting Service

We are no longer offering web hosting services.

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